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Contract Manufacturing from Fort Worth, Texas

Open since 1975, Bobco Industries of Fort Worth, Texas, is a leader in the electronic sub-assembly industry, providing contract manufacturing for coils, harnesses, and other materials.

Electronic Sub-Assemblies
Offering comprehensive electronic sub-assemblies Bobco Industries is one of the best subcontractors in the industry, capable of handling any type of printed circuit board assembly or overflow work you need completed.

Manufacturing the boards and electronic circuits to your exact specifications, our company relies on a high level of integrity and experience. Whatever your electronic sub-assembly needs or requirements might be, Bobco Industries is the agency to call upon.

Circuit Board, Contract Manufacturing in Fort Worth, TX

Circuit Board, Contract Manufacturing in Fort Worth, TX

CCL Coils
Manufacturing case and color locators (CCL coils) for industries as diverse as automotive, consumer electronics, military contractors, and the oil industry our agency is capable of handling the production and manufacturing of all your CCL coils.

Cable Harnesses
Whatever industry you work in and whatever the specifications you require, we are capable of providing you with the cable harnesses needed to complete all your projects. Please note that all of the work our company provides is strictly confidential, providing non-compete clauses in contracts to ensure your company is protected.

Many projects and jobs require specific amounts of wire, screws, and other materials. We offer kit-making services to compile and bag the appropriate amount of materials for assembly lines, manufacturing jobs, and other projects. From bagged screws to wire and more, we'll help appropriate the exact amount of materials required for the job.

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